Ice Cream Cop

After losing his partner and reputation in a tragic shooting, Ice Cream Cop leaves the force to work for a dwindling detective agency, in the hopes of reclaiming his name and finding redemption. An absurdist noir cartoon set in the crime-ridden universe of The Fridge, Ice Cream Cop follows his misadventures with Detective Berry as they investigate a variety of crimes in their city – from the mysterious suicide of a devilled egg to the abduction of corporate bigwig Mr. Apple. It’s a world of talking food and everyone is on the menu.

Islands in the Sky

After winning an international competition, Roy Malcolm and a handful of other teenagers from around the world are awarded with a free pass to the International Space Station. The young boy is at first thrilled to explore the iconic spacecraft and meet its visionary architect: the reclusive Christopher Doyle. But after witnessing the arrival of a mysterious crew ship, Roy and his fellow passengers begin to suspect that this trip might not be all it seems. Based on the beloved Arthur C. Clarke novel, Islands in the Sky recreates the wonder of space travel for modern YA audiences.

Room 2020

In the middle of the night, shattering glass and the petrified screams of a young woman are heard coming from a motel room. Two police officers are called in to investigate the matter, and quickly surmise that Thomas Alexander, Jr. is guilty of abusing his young female companion. It seems like an open-and-shut case. Or is it…? Nothing is as it seems in Room 2020, a taut and timely Hitchcockian thriller about the search for truth in the #MeToo era.

The Mountain Remains

1942. Following the invasion of China, the Japanese forces have succeeded in controlling the country’s coastline, as well as large parts of the land itself — giving the Japanese Navy command of the surrounding ocean. To make matters worse, the foreign invader has overrun Burma, cutting off the last significant land routes supplying the struggling armies of Chiang Kai-shek. Facing total annihilation, the Chinese army has one final solution: To fly over… The Hump. Air Force Commander Zhou Zhirou is tasked with personally training a crew of pilots, including maverick Zhao Wenkuan, to fly over this notoriously dangerous stretch of the Himalayan mountains. The young men compete with the harsh climate, the changing airflow, the rocky terrain, and the superior technology of the enemy in their bid for victory. Many of them will not live to tell the tale, but their bravery will change the course of the Second World War.

The Ingenious Mr. Pyke

Geoffrey Pyke was an inventor, adventurer, journalist, polymath, and the unlikely hero of both world wars. After narrowly escaping death in a German prison camp, he built an aircraft carrier out of reinforced ice, devised a plan to help the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War, and launched a private attempt to prevent the Second World War by sending a group of agents into Nazi Germany disguised as professional golfers. And he may have been a Russian spy. The Ingenious Mr. Pyke is the untold story of an enigmatic genius who changed the face of war forever.

Eastern Entertainment Partners

TTL Eastern Entertainment Partners (E.E.P.) is an intellectual property acquisition and exploitation company that is revolutionizing the future of the entertainment industry by acquiring and developing high-quality content and innovative technology platforms. The company is building a unique library of tangible and intangible assets for the entertainment sector. The media venture is based entirely in the Asian continent — drawing from the wealth of talent and resources that have gone largely untapped in this sector.

Wonderland Studios

Wonderland Studios is a virtual creative studio focused on developing original IP content and providing pre-production, pre-visualisation and production management services for international projects. Assembling some of the finest talent and resources in India, the goal of the studio is to maximise the use of digital tools to build an enduring portfolio of innovative content, developed locally and serviced globally. Wonderland Studios focuses on promoting a cost-effective solution to high-quality content by bridging the gap between local Indian talent and international prestige projects.

Interactive Experience

The Interactive Experience is a patented technology that operates as a management system for interactive experiences in real-time. Content creators have the power to utilize the system to allow for live interactivity — enabling users to affect, influence and change the narrative of their content. This is a revolution in the landscape of live broadcast entertainment. The company’s patent covers two types of management systems to support the interactive experience. The flagship two properties for the Interactive Experience are Omniscient and Counterpart.