Adi Chand

Adi Chand is a young, tenacious multi-talented film and television writer, director, producer and serial entrepreneur with a macro perspective on the entertainment field and a global solution-based approach to its future. A graduate of New York University Tisch School of the Arts, he has been mentored by leading producers at major studios. These include Andy Fischel (The Hangover) at Warner Bros., Michael Cerenzie (Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead) at Paramount Studios, and Jeff Katz (The Wolfman) at New Line Cinema.

Adi Chand’s ambition to develop creative intellectual property on a 360° spectrum drove him to head out on his own in 2016 and launch Through The Lens Entertainment – an IP development and production company focused on content for film, television and entertainment technology. His creative partner is writer Oliver Mangham, and together they have created, developed, adapted and written the key works that have served as the foundation and creative launching pad for their development slate.

TTL Entertainment has identified, developed and packaged a total library in excess of thirty assets, comprised as a mix of original and acquired properties that are finely tuned to appeal to a global audience across a 360° spectrum. These early properties range from the innovative work of Illumina, an original script channeling the science fiction master Philip K. Dick, to the adaptations of Henry Hemming’s The New York Times bestselling biography The Ingenious Mr. Pyke and Academy Award-winning screenwriter and novelist Arthur C. Clarke’s (2001: A Space Odyssey) epic novella Islands in the Sky.

Through Adi Chand’s leadership and financial acumen, TTL Entertainment has secured discretionary capital to fund, develop and acquire this diverse set of properties. The funding has been carefully diverted towards the financing of teasers for animation, feature films, technology and television, along with pitch materials and screenplays.

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