Morgan Wong

Mr. Morgan Wong has been deeply involved in the Belt & Road Initiative, having spent significant time in all 6 countries along the Mekong Delta. Since 2013, he has organised official state delegations from China to the region for exploration and investment, co-hosted cultural and diplomatic efforts between the region and the Hong Kong Government and advised clients such as UNESCO and the UNWTO on major regional projects.

He has been invited on several occasions by members of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong to speak on the subjects above to business groups including the Hong Kong Federation of Industry (HKFI) and the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI). As part of his regional work, he has also sought and received official endorsement from the Executive Council of the Hong Kong SAR.

Morgan has a personal interest in culture and the arts, and was a key organiser of the inaugural visit to Hong Kong in 2017 of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia. He maintains cordial relations with his Chinese cultural counterparts and assists them in pursuing development and relationship-building in international markets in both a personal and official capacity. Morgan has also been an advisor to Star Gaze Group Ltd, a diversified entertainment group based in Hong Kong specialising in film and music and television shows.

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