Oliver Mangham

Oliver Mangham is an ambitious and motivated creative executive dedicated to identifying high quality content spanning international territories and a variety of genres. After graduating with a degree in English from the University of York, Oliver began his career in international advertising, starting out as a copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather before ascending to the position of Creative Executive at Publicis Worldwide. Several of the campaigns he worked on have received top tier industry awards, such as the “Think Scoot” campaign for Scoot Airlines and the “War” campaign for Crisis Relief.

As a member of the core team for one of the leading creative assemblies in South East Asia, Oliver’s work led him across the world, assisting on numerous commercial shoots in over a dozen countries. This time on set gave Oliver an early insight into how to delegate with crew members, handle communications between clients and talent, and protect the creative concept during the production process. After several years in advertising, Oliver pursued his personal ambition of working in the entertainment industry. He first assisted on sets for numerous productions, including an award winning documentary for Aurora Media and a miniseries for the BBC. Following a stint in the development department at Film4, he joined the team at Through The Lens Entertainment as Creative Executive for Film & TV in 2016.

At TTL Entertainment, Oliver is focused on two essential tasks — quality control and filtration. As the company receives a high number of projects every week, it is his role to carefully parse and select the most suitable properties in keeping with the distinct vision of the company. It is also his responsibility to supervise the creative progress of external material and ensure that every project adheres to the high standards set by the previous work.

During his time at Through The Lens Entertainment, Oliver Mangham has overseen the development of over a dozen feature films and television series.

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