Our Core Strategy

Since its founding in 2016, Through The Lens Entertainment has worked to a simple and effective strategy for the commercial management of its creative and successful entertainment assets. Our reputation for making an impact in the entertainment industry is achieved by consistently delivering in five sectors:

We acquire and develop intellectual property and/or IP libraries based on their potential for market exploitation.
We monetise the intellectual property on a domestic and global scale through cross-border diversification (different territories)
We innovate technology to enhance the consumer experience and increase the underlying value of the intellectual property.
We adopt new strategies to innovate and monetise IP as applicable products in a variety of traditional business sectors.
We contribute to the growth of the entertainment industry by licensing the intellectual properties and our original technology developed
Financial Media Solutions

At Through The Lens Entertainment, we believe that innovation is only achieved through a combination of creative integrity and financial acumen.

Our company prides itself on avoiding the pitfalls of the entertainment industry by staying self-sustainable. As a result, Through The Lens Entertainment is committed to building financial structures that support the costs of releasing multiple projects and maximise returns.

We partner with global strategic and financial partners to build, and innovate new strategies to facilitate our need for financing.

Hong Kong based Venture focused on structured financial and creative solutions for media assets in Asia.

Classification of Entertainment Assets

Our library of entertainment assets involves the commercial management of a variety of different products, focused on the media sector:

Motion Pictures
Television Shows
Comic Books/Graphic Novels
Video Games
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
New Media Platforms
Tangible Media Assets