Islands in the Sky

After winning an international competition, Roy Malcolm and a handful of other teenagers from around the world are awarded with a free pass to the International Space Station. The young boy is at first thrilled to explore the iconic spacecraft and meet its visionary architect: the reclusive Christopher Doyle. But after witnessing the arrival of a mysterious crew ship, Roy and his fellow passengers begin to suspect that this trip might not be all it […]

The Ingenious Mr. Pyke

Geoffrey Pyke was an inventor, adventurer, journalist, polymath, and the unlikely hero of both world wars. After narrowly escaping death in a German prison camp, he built an aircraft carrier out of reinforced ice, devised a plan to help the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War, and launched a private attempt to prevent the Second World War by sending a group of agents into Nazi Germany disguised as professional golfers. And he may have been […]

The Mountain Remains

1942. Following the invasion of China, the Japanese forces have succeeded in controlling the country’s coastline, as well as large parts of the land itself — giving the Japanese Navy command of the surrounding ocean. To make matters worse, the foreign invader has overrun Burma, cutting off the last significant land routes supplying the struggling armies of Chiang Kai-shek. Facing total annihilation, the Chinese army has one final solution: To fly over… The Hump. Air […]