Our company prides itself on being assembled from an incredibly diverse group of individuals — creative minds from a broad range of backgrounds, both professional and personal. In the section below, we would like to introduce you to the core team at Through The Lens Entertainment.

Adi Chand


Adi Chand

Adi Chand is a young, tenacious multi-talented film and television writer, director, producer and serial entrepreneur with a macro perspective on the entertainment field and a global solution-based approach to its future. A graduate of New York University Tisch School of the Arts, he has been mentored by leading producers at major studios. These include Andy Fischel (The Hangover) at Warner Bros., Michael Cerenzie (Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead) at Paramount Studios, and Jeff Katz (The Wolfman) at New Line Cinema.

Adi Chand’s ambition to develop creative intellectual property on a 360° spectrum drove him to head out on his own in 2016 and launch Through The Lens Entertainment – an IP development and production company focused on content for film, television and entertainment technology. His creative partner is writer Oliver Mangham, and together they have created, developed, adapted and written the key works that have served as the foundation and creative launching pad for their development slate.

TTL Entertainment has identified, developed and packaged a total library in excess of thirty assets, comprised as a mix of original and acquired properties that are finely tuned to appeal to a global audience across a 360° spectrum. These early properties range from the innovative work of Illumina, an original script channeling the science fiction master Philip K. Dick, to the adaptations of Henry Hemming’s The New York Times bestselling biography The Ingenious Mr. Pyke and Academy Award-winning screenwriter and novelist Arthur C. Clarke’s (2001: A Space Odyssey) epic novella Islands in the Sky.

Through Adi Chand’s leadership and financial acumen, TTL Entertainment has secured discretionary capital to fund, develop and acquire this diverse set of properties. The funding has been carefully diverted towards the financing of teasers for animation, feature films, technology and television, along with pitch materials and screenplays.

Oliver Mangham


Oliver Mangham

Oliver Mangham is an ambitious and motivated creative executive dedicated to identifying high quality content spanning international territories and a variety of genres. After graduating with a degree in English from the University of York, Oliver began his career in international advertising, starting out as a copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather before ascending to the position of Creative Executive at Publicis Worldwide. Several of the campaigns he worked on have received top tier industry awards, such as the “Think Scoot” campaign for Scoot Airlines and the “War” campaign for Crisis Relief.

As a member of the core team for one of the leading creative assemblies in South East Asia, Oliver’s work led him across the world, assisting on numerous commercial shoots in over a dozen countries. This time on set gave Oliver an early insight into how to delegate with crew members, handle communications between clients and talent, and protect the creative concept during the production process. After several years in advertising, Oliver pursued his personal ambition of working in the entertainment industry. He first assisted on sets for numerous productions, including an award winning documentary for Aurora Media and a miniseries for the BBC. Following a stint in the development department at Film4, he joined the team at Through The Lens Entertainment as Creative Executive for Film & TV in 2016.

At TTL Entertainment, Oliver is focused on two essential tasks — quality control and filtration. As the company receives a high number of projects every week, it is his role to carefully parse and select the most suitable properties in keeping with the distinct vision of the company. It is also his responsibility to supervise the creative progress of external material and ensure that every project adheres to the high standards set by the previous work.

During his time at Through The Lens Entertainment, Oliver Mangham has overseen the development of over a dozen feature films and television series.

Vaibhav Gupta


Vaibhav Gupta

Vaibhav Gupta graduated from Cornell University in 2014 with a B.Sc in Applied Economics and Management. Since childhood he has held a passion for the creative arts, and is proficient in various musical instruments, has performed as a professional DJ between 2010 and 2015, and successfully released an album and a single in electronic dance music on all the major streaming platforms.

Vaibhav also boasts a love for technology and entrepreneurship, and upon his graduation from Cornell, retuned to India where he launched the solar division under his family office. Within this solar division, he has successfully completed over 1MW of roof-top generation and 1MW of ground-mounted generation. Vaibhav has also worked with various Blockchain, AI and ML companies on projects, and has recently completed the commissioning of a vertical agricultural farm (utilising hydroponics and next-gen cultivation techniques) near the Bangalore International Airport. He has excellent knowledge of the global stage, having been raised in France, the UK and Singapore, and has brought the standards expected in these territories to all his practices in India.

Vaibhav’s passion for the creative arts, accompanied with his global business acumen and knowledge of technology and efficient managerial and operational practices, has brought him into Through The Lens Entertainment’s foray as the executive for global media ventures. He primarily monitors from a top-level, and offers strategic guidance to push the company’s activities forward, as well as identifying new investment opportunities.

Morgan Wong


Morgan Wong

Mr. Morgan Wong has been deeply involved in the Belt & Road Initiative, having spent significant time in all 6 countries along the Mekong Delta. Since 2013, he has organised official state delegations from China to the region for exploration and investment, co-hosted cultural and diplomatic efforts between the region and the Hong Kong Government and advised clients such as UNESCO and the UNWTO on major regional projects.

He has been invited on several occasions by members of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong to speak on the subjects above to business groups including the Hong Kong Federation of Industry (HKFI) and the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI). As part of his regional work, he has also sought and received official endorsement from the Executive Council of the Hong Kong SAR.

Morgan has a personal interest in culture and the arts, and was a key organiser of the inaugural visit to Hong Kong in 2017 of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia. He maintains cordial relations with his Chinese cultural counterparts and assists them in pursuing development and relationship-building in international markets in both a personal and official capacity. Morgan has also been an advisor to Star Gaze Group Ltd, a diversified entertainment group based in Hong Kong specialising in film and music and television shows.

Pinak Pattanaik


Pinak Pattanaik

Pinak Pattanaik is a native of India with over fifteen years of experience in finance, business strategy and consulting. He started his career as an Equity Analyst in BOE Securities, a U.S.-based financial services company that provides brokerage execution and research services to institutional investors. He later worked as a Lead Equity Analyst in SG Analytics, where he was handling emerging markets’ banking stock portfolio for Clariden Leu, a Swiss private bank that at one point managed over 100 billion CHF, and leading a team of equity analysts (BFSI) for Qatar National Bank (QNB Group).

Prior to joining TTL Entertainment to lead its Finance and Accounting team, Pinak was working as an entrepreneur and was providing business and strategy consulting services to companies in different sectors around the globe. He was actively involved in valuing start-up and private companies and help such companies in financial strategy. He has successfully helped start-ups and private companies in different sectors such as e-commerce, alternate energy, and retail in improving sales and expanding the bottom line through effective business and finance strategies. He has strong international and multi-cultural business experience.

Pinak is a graduate in business management. He holds MBA (Finance & Strategy) and has a full time Post Graduate Diploma in securities market research and valuation from National Institute of Securities Market (NISM).