Our company prides itself on being assembled from an incredibly diverse group of individuals — creative minds from a broad range of backgrounds, both professional and personal. In the section below, we would like to introduce you to the core team at Through The Lens Entertainment.

Adi Chand
Adi Chand
Chief Executive Officer

Adi Chand is the founder and CEO of Through The Lens Entertainment. A graduate of New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Adi has been mentored in media business by leading producers at major studios. This list includes Andy Fischel (The Hangover franchise) at Warner Bros., Michael Cerenzie (Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead) at Paramount Studios, and Jeff Katz (The Wolfman) at New Line Studios. After working for several years in the studio […]

Oliver Mangham-min
Oliver Mangham
Creative Executive, Film & TV

Oliver Mangham is the Creative Executive of Through The Lens Entertainment. After graduating with a degree in English Literature from the University of York, Oliver spent the first phase of his career in advertising, working as a creative at such agencies as Ogilvy & Mather and Publicis Worldwide. In this period, he worked on award-winning campaigns for Scoot Airlines and Crisis Relief. After several years in advertising, Oliver pursued his ambition of working in the […]

David Koh-min
David Koh
Creative Executive, Design

David joined Through The Lens Entertainment in April 2018 as the Creative Executive of Design. A graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, David combines his background in various disciplines of visual art with his education and experience in the entertainment industry to meet the design and visual needs for the company. He is responsible for personally overseeing the aesthetic development of all internal and external content. This includes creative presentations, business […]

Vijay Viswanathan-min
Vijay Viswanathan
Creative Executive, Technology

As the founder and CEO of Eternl Resilient Technology, Dr. Vijayaragavan Viswanathan leads a team of scientists in solar energy research and development, creation, consultancy, and techno commercial feasibility. Prior to founding his own company, Dr. Viswanathan served as a researcher in the field of radiation detection for C.E.R.N., the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, in Switzerland and the Czech Republic. He received his PhD from the Lyon Institute of nanotechnology, with a focus in […]

Karan Adhikari-min
Karan Adhikari
Creative Executive, Venture

Karan Adhikari is a technology and investment professional based in Singapore. In addition to his work at Through The Lens Entertainment, Karan is a Regional Special Projects Lead at Alibaba Group (Lazada SEA) and a founding partner at an early stage venture capital fund. In his position at Alibaba,Karan has led large cross-functional teams to transform key aspects of the online platform and customer journey. As a VC investor, his focus has been on identifying […]

Vaibhav Gupta
Head of Business Development

Vaibhav Gupta has been serving as the Head of Business Development for Through The Lens Entertainment since its conception. As a member of the executive team, he draws on his numerous relationships and experience in the fields of international commerce and innovative technology to identify, facilitate and execute new business opportunities for the company. Born and raised in Bangalore, Vaibhav graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Applied Economics and Management. Prior to joining […]

Tabetha Xavier-min
Tabetha Xavier
Coordinator, Operations

Most recently an employee of Home Box Office, Inc. (HBO), the top Emmy-award-winning network for sixteen consecutive years, Tabetha Xavier worked as an executive assistant gaining invaluable insight into the inner workings of prestige network television.  In New York City, she reported to Quentin Schaffer, executive vice president of Corporate Communications, the department head overseeing all of talent relations, media relations, premieres,  red carpet events, corporate affairs, and corporate social responsibility. Her role centered in […]

TTL Creative Coalition

The TTL Creative Coalition is a collective of collaborators consisting of hand-selected high profile talents, including engineers, scientists, artists, amongst others. With this coalition, TTL aims to continuously engage and incubate new ideas and possibilities to co-develop IP under the TTL banner. Building a sold infrastructure of creators and designers is essential to our core company objective of developing high-quality content and technology platforms for the purpose of enhancing the entertainment experience. Only through the longstanding incubation of elite talents may TTL develop and push the boundaries of burgeoning concepts and technologies.