Our Mission Statement

Through The Lens Entertainment Inc. is an international media company that focuses on the acquisition, development and commercial management of high-quality entertainment assets.

The company has assembled, and is further building, a unique library of projects (assets) that push the boundaries of the cinematic experience, creating a sustainable and pioneering approach to the world of entertainment.

Through The Lens’s ongoing mission is to create and innovate visual entertainment experiences from the best creatives minds from around the globe, to change perceptions, break boundaries and inform the world of new ideas.

Company highlights

Through The Lens Entertainment follows a strict set of business principles to build its library of entertainment projects that maximises and protects its financial interests.

Acquiring and Developing dynamic Intellectual Properties

Adapting to a variety of New Media platforms

Diversifying and protecting downside risk through
asset ownership

Maximising returns and predicting considerable growth through global markets

Discover Projects

As a 360º media company, Through The Lens Entertainment is dedicated to building a library of intellectual property assets that challenges and innovates the experience of consuming entertainment. Since its founding, the company has steadily developed and acquired a wide range of content, from both internal and external sources, that suits our unique creative brand. Our portfolio includes content designed for specific media (e.g. film, television, literature, video games) as well as new technology platforms.